Her Pedigree

Gigi’s Story

-by Shannon Heggem

In 2009, a cable installer pulled up to a run-down house in a small town in rural Montana. Behind the pack of huge dogs guarding the house stood a tiny, shivering Chihuahua puppy, just weeks old. She was shivering… from fear and from the cold. She was starving, as her protruding ribs confirmed…

The installer asked the resident what the story was on this tiny puppy. She told him to take the pup…or she was gonna drown it. Horrified, he gathered up the terrified little creature and took her home.

The puppy had been abused…traumatized. She was so shy and scared. They cared for her the best they could, but they were busy and not home much. They kept “Ginny” for a few months until an out-of-town move forced them to find her a new home…

I had no idea how my life would change when I first laid eyes on this 6 pound dog. She was terrified on the ride to her new home. She bit me when I tried to pick her up. She shook uncontrollably for hours. We held her. We stroked her gently, explaining that we already loved her, and we wouldn’t let anything hurt her.  We fed her kibble, piece by piece. We rocked her, and told her how beautiful she was. This picture was taken just hours later…as my husband cradled the new love of his life…Gigi. Our lives have NEVER been the same!daddy and gigi 2

Now, Gigi lives a life of true luxury indeed!